Laconian Federation Incorporated


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Ως αναφορά στην επέτειο του μεγαλύτερου ιστορικού γεγονότος της Ελλάδος, της μάχης των Θερμοπυλών πριν 2.500 χρόνια, σας παρουσιάζουμε μια πάνελ συζήτηση για τη σημασία και την έννοια της περίφημης μάχης.Περιμένουμε τα σχόλιά σας.

Good evening and welcome to our webcast!

To commemorate the anniversary of Greece’s significant historical event, the battle of Thermopylae 2,500 years ago, we present a panel discussion on the significance and legacy of the famous battle.Leave us your comments!

Watch the panel discussion now !

The mission of the Federation is to promote the interests of the member Laconian Associations and bring them together to better serve their members.

The Laconian Federation NSW is comprised of six associations:

  • Association of Vorion Dimon Spartis NSW “Orea Eleni”
  • Brotherhood Lakonon Kremastis – Mystras Limited
  • Pan Laconian Association NSW “The Spartans”
  • Papadianika Asopos Association NSW
  • Ta Vatika – Vatikioton Association of Australia
  • Zarax Association NSW
King Leonidas of the 300 soldiers. Statue found at Sparta city in Greece