The Association Epidavrou-Limiras “O ASOPOS” (originally known as the Philanthropic Association Papadianika-Asopos “O ASOPOS”), has conducted its activities in Sydney for over three decades.

The Association was formed by Greek migrants who arrived in Australia in the 1950sand 1960s, for the purpose of providing a vehicle for social interaction between them, single and united following in the Diaspora.

The Association was formally inaugurated at the first general meeting of members onSunday, 5 December 1976, at the Saint Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church in Leichhardt, Sydney.Originally, the Association’s members originated from the towns of Asopos and Papadianika within the Epidavrou-Limiras province.

Throughout the years, the Association always enjoyed strong support from its members and their friends. During the 1970s and 1980s, a number of functions were held at venues such as Leichhardt Police Boys Club, Albert Palace (now known as The Palais) and the Leichhardt Town Hall.

Picnics were also held at venues such as Clifton Gardens, Kurnell and Canada Bay.

The Association has continued in the 1990s and 2000s under the guidance and leadership of second generation Greek-Australians who continue to pursue the aims of the Association.

In August 1998 the Association formally changed its name to Epidavrou-Limiras “0 ASOPOS”. In doing so, it allowed the Association to broaden its membership coverage and include all Greek Australians from the Epidavrou Limiras province.

Along its journey, the Association has had the pleasure of also embarking on fund raising activities, raising much-needed funds in support of individuals in need and organisations such as the aged care facility in Molai, Greece, the Spastic Centre of NSW and the modern Greek studies faculties of universities in Sydney.

From its inception and to this day, the Association has always sought to bring its members together in a friendly and warm atmosphere to share their nostalgia for the past, their kefi for the present, and their optimism for the future.