Association Vatikioton Australia

The Vatika region of Greece was represented in Australia in the early 1950’s.

Prior to the current association there were two separate associations that represented Vatika. The two associations were Maleas and Vias.

There was also a Vatikioton Youth Group that ran for a number of years which helped a merge to happen between the two separate associations in the early 1980’s forming the current Association Vatikioton Australila.

Since the merge, the Association VatikiotonAustralia has held many successful functions and fund raising events that have always been supported by the Association’s many members.

The support of the Association’s large member base helped to buy the premises at Canterbury Road, Dulwhich Hill.

Some of the Association’s other successes include the formation of a Vatikioton Soccer team which was part of the NSW Soccer Federation.

The formation of this team was key in helping many young people connect with others from the same background and to strengthen the Vatikioton bond and sense of belonging that they all shared.

Providing financial aid to the local nursing home in Neapoli and the local hospital in Neapoli also pace maker to the local hospital of Neapoli in Greece.

The Association Vatikioton looks forward to continuing and adding to its past successes with a view to reinstating a Youth Group, introducing a Women’s Committee and many other initiatives.