A brief history on the association Laconian Kremastis Mystra.

In October 1969 fellow Kremastiotes  and families formed  their own brotherhood so they could specifically address their  main concerns and objectives,  being the welfare of Kremastiotes  and their families here in Australia and the efforts to improve the village of Kremasti and the lives of those left behind.

Mystras  has always actively assisted our village of Kremasti. In 1979  Mystras donated towards the tar sealing  of the road between Kremasti and Agio Dimitri.In 1991 Mystras donated monies towards the pavement in the village.

In 1994 monies was donated towards the building of basketball court.

The year 1997 was picked to have a reunion in Kremasti. Mystras donated towards that.

Kremastiotes from all over the world gathered in the summer of 1997.

Mystras also donated monies towards the restoration of our main Church.

Mystras has actively assisted local philanthropic works. Cancer council , beyond blue are a few to mention.

Mystras look forward to supporting local charities in the years ahead.