About the Federation

The Laconian Federation NSW is comprised of six associations:

  • Association of Vorion Dimon Spartis NSW “Orea Eleni”
  • Brotherhood Lakonon Kremastis – Mystras Limited
  • Pan Laconian Association NSW “The Spartans”
  • Papadianika Asopos Association NSW
  • Ta Vatika – Vatikioton Association of Australia
  • Zarax Association NSW

Since its formation in 2009, the Laconian Federation facilitates co-operation between these Associations which represent the municipalities of the Laconian region in Greece.

Among the objectives of the Laconian Federation are the promotion of issues of Laconians in Australia on matters of social, athletic, cultural, educational and similar activities.

As part of these activities, the Laconian Federation celebrates the Leonidia.

In Ancient Sparta, the Leonidia was an annual celebration in honour of Leonidas and the three hundred fallen in Thermopylae in 480 BC.

The Laconian Federation continues this tradition with a series of events held throughout the year celebrating the history and culture of our ancestors and their homeland.